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One of the most popular workshops of our special interest programme is the “Job and Career” workshop. Many of our ActiLingua students attend our German courses to improve their language skills because they have a higher goal in mind: someday they want to work in Austria.

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And that’s great! Because working abroad gives you a head start on the competition, better career opportunities and a solid foundation for a successful future. Here are some things you need to know if you want to work in Austria.

Work Permits

If you live in the European Union or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland you are treated like Austrians and therefore, do not require work or residence permits. However, you must register your stay (Meldezettel) with the local authorities within three days of your arrival.

If you are from a country outside the European Union, obtaining a work permit for Austria can be problematic and slow. Work permits are issued on an individual basis only. All family members must apply individually if they wish to work.


Make sure to apply as soon as you know you are heading for Austria. The application process can be time consuming. The easiest way to search for a job is browsing the “career” sections on the websites of Austrian newspapers. Or you can search for a job using a job search engine.

Each company has their own application process. However, most companies request a resumé (CV). You can find some tips on writing your own Curriculum Vitae here.

German skills

Most jobs require at least some basic knowledge of the German language. The better you speak German, the easier it will be to find a job. That is why we offer Business German courses at ActiLingua Academy, through which you learn everything you need for your job, within a very short time.

Learning German will also simplify your day-to-day life in Austria. Be aware, not everyone in Austria speaks English.

Working possibilities in Austria

There are many possibilities to work in Austria. Here are some of them:

  • Full time job: That’s the right choice for you if you want to live and work in Austria for a longer period of time.
  • Au-pair: If you are between 18 and 28 years old and have some basic German skills you can come to Austria as an Au-pair.
  • Studying & student jobs: If you want to work in Austria while you are studying at a university that is possible, too. You can find more information below.
  • Internships: You can spend some months in Austria and gain some work experience at an Austrian company (you can find more information below).

Studying in Austria & finding a student job

If you wish to study and work in Austria, you should choose to study at a university and not at a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule). The Austrian university system is based on a flexible schedule which makes it easy to work part time.

As a student, you do not need a work permit. However, the amount of money you are allowed to earn is strictly limited, providing you don’t want to pay taxes. Vacancies are promoted on newspaper websites, via online student portals or directly via the university.

If you want to study in Austria, we can help you with our University Preparation & Enrolment Guidance.

Internships abroad

Another way to work in Austria, is by means of an internship at an Austrian company. Internships are either paid or unpaid, depending on the company and sector. Your previous work experience, education and your level of German are important for Austrian companies: the better they are, the easier it will be to get an internship.

If you need some help finding a suitable internship and could use some German lessons to refresh your German, we would love to help you with our German & Work Experience course!

What are your thoughts on working abroad? Leave a comment and tell us whether or not you would like to work in Austria some day!


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