Viennese Waltz Dancing Lessons at the ActiLingua Academy

The ballroom dance Viennese Waltz is a variation of the dance waltz. Since 1754, Austrians know the Viennese Waltz and it has a particular meaning and a long tradition. Many Austrians dance the Waltz at midnight on New Year’s Eve, to welcome the New Year dancing.

Since it is a part of the Austrian culture, we wanted to teach the students the basics of this ballroom dance. This time the tables and chairs in the classroom were put aside and instead of studying we used the classrooms for dancing.

Wiener Walzer Kurs in der ActiLingua Academy

The basic steps are learnt quickly, but it takes some practice not to step your partner on the feet and to stay in time with the beat. At the end of the evening all the students were familiar with the basic moves. It was a fun evening and it will definitely be repeated.

By the way, the Viennese Waltz is also part of the opening of the Vienna Opera Ball. And now it might be part of some fun evenings of our students, too!


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