Vienna on first glance – an exploration

“Vienna, Vienna you alone, shall remain the city of my dreams”, is what Rudolf Sieczyński once sang. The ActiLingua students indulged on Vienna’s fascination during an evening walk through the historic city centre.

Ein Kennenlern-Spaziergang mit ActiLingua durch Wien (Mozart-Bild)

Even with rain approaching, our students met in front of St. Stephen’s Cathedral – an Austrian landmark and colloquially known as “Steffl”. A few drops of rain could not stop anyone.

The expedition through Vienna’s centre provided insights into the historical and cultural, as well as the culinary Vienna. While one stop was at the Mozarthaus, another was at Demel, the former imperial and royal court confectionery bakery.

The bakery is allowed to carry this title up until this day, leading to our students now knowing which pastries and sweets Empress Sisi loved. A little secret: you can still buy them today!

Archaeological excavations and Sacher cake with whipped cream

Afterwards, we continued on to Michaelerplatz, with its famous building like the Hofburg Palace and the Café Griensteidl. Did you know that excavations at Michaelerplatz uncovered a former Roman camp settlement? Einen Kennenlern-Spaziergang mit ActiLingua durch Wien (am Stephansplatz)The interesting tour through Vienna’s historic city centre ended in front of the Albertina museum and the Hotel Sacher, whose founder gave the famous cake its name. Here, right in front of the Hotel Sacher, our students received an important life lesson: Never eat Sacher cake without whipped cream; otherwise, it will taste too dry! 😉

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