Torchlight hike

On a beautiful Saturday evening all ActiLingua students were invited to join a torchlight hike on the Kahlenberg in Vienna. The Kahlenberg is a 484m high hill and is officially still in Vienna, even a public bus goes all the way to the top of Kahlenberg regularly.

Fackelwanderung am Kahlenberg | ActiLingua Academy Blog

We took that bus and on our way to the top we made a stop at a “Heuriger” to eat and drink before the hike. A “Heuriger” is a name for very special locations in Austria. It is the name given to Austrian wine-taverns, which have the right to serve their homemade wine at their place without any special license. That is how a “Heuriger” became a comfy tavern to try out vine and grab something small to eat to it. There is always a special atmosphere at a “Heuriger”.

Fackelwanderung am Kahlenberg | ActiLingua Academy Blog

Afterwards we took the bus to the top of the Kahlenberg where we enjoyed the fantastic view over the city. We light up the torches and everyone got his own torch. From the top of the hill we hiked down with our torches through the vineyards back to Vienna. It was a comfortable hike and we discovered new views on the city and its magnificent lights at night and once again Vienna has proven to us, in how many different ways beautiful this city is.

You can find the pictures of our trip at Facebook or in the gallery below.

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