Tickets for the Burgtheater

You would like to see a stage performance at Vienna’s Burgtheater, but you don’t have much money for the ticket? We have a tip for you!


The Burgtheater is the most important theatre in Austria. Together with its affiliates (Akademietheater, Kasino and Vestibül), the Burgtheater is one of Europe’s largest and oldest theatres.

The productions are staged by well-known directors. Furthermore, the Burgtheater features debut performances of plays each year. Some are written by famous authors like Elfriede Jelinek and Peter Handke.

It is most recommended to experience a performance there, even though ticket prices can be quite expensive.


Last minute ticket

Prices depend on seating area and possible sight restrictions, but we have a tip for you: Buy one of the remaining tickets one hour prior to the performance and save 25% off the full price!

This reduction is only valid for designated performances. So, look at the online schedule or box office to see which performances are included.

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