The best Heurigen in Vienna

When the leaves start to turn yellow and red and the nights start getting colder, we love to take long walks outside and spend our time at the Viennese “Heurigen” (EN: wine tavern). Vienna is one of the few metropolises in the world with an excellent wine cultivation within the city area. Our city is marked by 700 hectares of vineyards and these promise pure pleasure. The best place to taste Viennese wines in combination with typical Austrian specialities is of course the Heuriger.

But what exactly is a Heuriger or a Buschenschank? They are both Austrian wine taverns, where local winemakers serve their new wines during the growing season. The wines are served with simple dishes of the Viennese cuisine. It is a place where all generations meet and enjoy the cosy and quaint atmosphere. The Viennese Heuriger is part of Vienna just as the Schönbrunn Palace, the “Riesenrad” and our unique coffee house culture.

Winemakers Vienna vinyards

Here you find the best Heurigen in Vienna:

Mayer am Nussberg

Surrounded by vineyards you cannot only enjoy the great view of the Nussberg, but also the many award-winning wines this vineyard produces. The wines are served with regional delicacies and a lot of hospitality. You can experience this unique atmosphere from Friday to Sunday during nice weather.

Mayer am Nussberg

1190 Vienna

Viniculture & Heuriger Edlmoser

With 95 points the Heuriger Edlmoser was selected as the best Heuriger of the city in 2016. Also in the overall ranking for Austria, Edlmoser reached the top position. Here you have the chance to taste outstanding wines and traditional delicacies of the Viennese cuisine.

Weinbau & Heuriger Edlmoser

1230 Vienna

Winery & Buschenschank Wailand

In the middle of the vineyards along the Kahlenberger Straße is the Buschenschank (EN: wine tavern that only sells cold food) Wailand. On certain weekends, guests are served with cold snacks and Viennese wines. Also very impressive is the beautiful view over Vienna’s skyline and the Danube.

Weingut und Buschenschank Wailand

1190 Vienna

Heuriger Sirbu

Rustic benches, a breath-taking view over Vienna and tasty Austrian dishes – all this awaits you from Monday to Saturday at Heuriger Sirbu. It is located within the Viennese vineyards and even in bad weather, you will find a nice place in their winter garden or cosy parlours. 

Heuriger Sirbu

1190 Vienna

Winery and Heuriger Stefan Wieselthaler

Auch im Süden von Wien kommt man auf seine Kosten. In Oberlaa gibt es ebenfalls eine sehr nette Heurigengegend, wo man die österreichische Tischkultur lieben lernt. Beim Weingut Wieselthaler trifft man in gemütlicher Runde zusammen und verkostet den hauseigenen Wein von den Reben am Laaerberg. Der riesige Gastgarten spendet dank der vielen Bäume auch an heißen Sommertagen ausreichend Schatten und zu speisen gibt es österreichische Schmankerl. An jedem ersten Sonntag im Monat gibt es hier ein köstliches Brunchbuffet, das zum Schlemmern einlädt.

Weingut und Heuriger Stefan Wieselthaler 

1100 Wien 

nature students in the vineyard View Kahlenberg


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