Test your German: online German test & native speaker

How good is my German? Assessing it is not always easy. An online German test as well as talking with a native speaker can help you evaluate your German skills.

Online Deutsch Test - die Deutschkenntnisse richtig beurteilen

Sometimes, it can be quite hard to assess one’s own skills objectively. Occasionally, you will have to do so, when writing a job application, for example. Maybe you are unsure if your German skills are suitable for a long-term stay abroad. In either case, you can easily find help in these two methods.

Notice: On our language school’s website you can find a German language levels overview (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2)!

1. Free online German test

Depending on how much time you have, you can decide between the short and the long version. Answer the questions in the test without outside help. Do not consult a dictionary or a grammar book. Only then will you get an accurate account of your skills.

The short online German test is sufficient for an initial assessment, consisting of 30 questions, giving you an overview of your German skills.

In case you need an in depth evaluation, you should take the time to go through the long online German test. It will provide you with a precise assessment, according to five steps (beginner up to Mittestufe 2). Register now for the free online test!

2. Talk to a native speaker

Teste deine Deutschkenntnisse im Gespräch mit einem native Speaker

Do you have German-speaking friends? Use the opportunity to meet up with them. Speak German to each other, even when it is hard. Do they understand you? Can you verbalize your thoughts?

What a great way to test your skills and improve your German proficiency. Maybe you will have so much fun, that you will make it a regular German small talk date.

You do not need previous knowledge of German for the ActiLingua Academy

If you wish to test your German, because you are planning to sign up for a course at ActiLingua Academy, don’t worry. After your registration, you will be taking a placement and assessment test. This will help us, placing you in a suitable group, guaranteeing optimised studying success, regardless of your previous language experience.

Have a try! You will be surprised at the progress possible. Our student Maria, for example, managed to rise from A1 to a C1 level in only 9 months.

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