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Hello, my name is Yuliya. I am 17 years old and I come from Ukraine. In my report, I would like to tell you about my trip to Vienna and my experiences with ActiLingua. I hope that my report will be interesting and useful, so you can get some insider tips and be a hundred percent sure, that your stay at ActiLingua will be unforgettable.


If you ever wanted to spend a perfect summer in one of the most beautiful cities in the world and at the same time, improve your German skills, ActiLingua Academy is exactly what you were looking for! In 2016, I attended a German course here for the first time and that is why I could not resist another trip to Vienna. Thanks to my stay in Vienna, I made many new friends, improved my German skills and enjoyed an unforgettable experience.


If you have pre-ordered a taxi, it will pick you up right from the airport and take you to the residence, hostel or family, where you are going to stay during your time in Vienna. I stayed at the ActiLingua Residence. If you are open for communication and like to stay in groups, of course the Residence is the best choice. In addition, the Residence is very close to the school. You can choose between a single room and a twin room. Once arrived at the reception desk, you will be immediately informed about all the necessary things you should know and all the employees are glad to help you.


The offered food is always fresh and quite tasty. A big plus is that if you are vegetarian or you do not eat certain products for some reason, you will not remain hungry. Next to each dish you will find a note, which tells you about possible allergens or if it is a vegetarian option.

The first day at school

On your first day, ActiLingua employees will show you the way to school, so you don’t need to be afraid of getting lost! (What you need to do is: purchase a ticket for the public transportation system.) At the school you will receive your books and get acquainted with your teachers. First of all you will take a placement test in order to find out your current level and which group is best for you. Once finished, you can start with your lessons! You will have two teachers: one for grammar and one for speaking. The Standard Course continues for 3 hours, one and a half hour for each part and 15 minutes for a break between them, Monday to Friday. Teachers here are professionals in their field. The lessons are very interesting and exciting.


The charming Vienna

I guess Vienna is my favorite city! Once you fall in love with the city, it lasts forever. There would be a lot to tell about Vienna, but I suggest you to experience it on your own and see everything with your own eyes. Here is a list of places I would advise you to visit once you arrived…


Albertina Museum

The Albertina Museum accommodates one of the largest and most precious graphic art collections in the world. Today, it comprises nearly 50.000 drawings and one million prints from all major epochs: from Late Gothic to contemporary art.


The imperial residence of Vienna the “Hofburg” embodies the whole history of the Austrian state. On its territory are nineteen palaces, which were erected in different periods, and a dozen other buildings.

Café Sacher

After walking through the streets of Vienna and visiting all the museums, you will probably feel hungry. I advise you to try the world-famous “Sachertorte”, which has its origin here.

Cafe Sacher


This museum of art will impress you for sure. There are many works of famous artists, but most importantly, there is the famous painting “The Kiss” of Gustav Klimt.

Gustav Klimt


Palace Schönbrunn

The palace itself is very beautiful. Inside you can admire the wonderful decoration and art gallery. If you take a little walk up the hill to the “Gloriette”, you will experience a stunning view over the castle and the city – I strongly recommend it. Next to the palace, there is also a large park with a hedge maze, in which one can get easily lost. Around the palace, there are many beautiful statues and a stunning fountain is located in front of the palace. There is also a zoo on this territory, but this is an extra attraction.


Bike tour in Vienna

In Vienna, cyclists benefit from the good road and traffic infrastructure. There are bike stations all around the city where you can rent a bicycle. So you can explore the city much faster while making a good cardio workout.

Bike Tour Wien


This is the largest and best amusement park in the city. After spending an evening here, you are filled with tons of positive emotions. There are also a couple of clubs here, in case you want to stay longer.

Prater Prater

My conclusion

Vienna is an amazing city, with its majestic structures, large streets and museums … But you can’t truly understand the culture without learning the language. That is why I would recommend you the ActiLingua German courses. They will surely help you and allow you to make the most amazing experiences. I will definitely come here again and recommend you to do the same! See you soon in Vienna!

ActiLingua Schule

Yuliya, S. 

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