Student report – Tomás

My experiences with ActiLingua 

Hi! My name is Tomás, I am 19 years old and I come from Brno in the Czech Republic. For three weeks I learned German at the ActiLingua Academy in Vienna and now I want to share my story with you. 

Why Vienna and why ActiLingua?

Before I came to Vienna, my German was pretty bad. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to understand the language but after only one week I learned a lot and after the second week I even passed the test for the B1.2 course. This I managed thanks to the daily German lessons and the conversations with my roommate Benji. This is also why I think it is very important to learn German here in Austria. 

Student report - friends

Excursions with ActiLingua 

One can join different excursions offered by ActiLingua. It is a great opportunity to get to know Vienna, the surrounding area as well as to meet other ActiLingua students. I joined two ActiLingua activities. The first one was a guided walk through the city of Vienna, where we also ate ice cream. The second excursion took me to “Kahlenberg”.  Both activities were very interesting and I made a lot of new friends and most of the time we talked German.  

Student report - ice cream Student report - Exkursion


In Vienna, there are a lot  of things to do. Of course, three weeks are not enough to see everything but I took many walks around the city and in my opinion, the best thing about Vienna is this contrast between old and new. But at the same time it was great to see how the young culture harmonises with the old culture. For example, the “Donaukanal” where everything is full with graffiti and it is only 400 meters away from St. Stephen’s Square – the historical heart of Vienna. 

Student report - St. Stephans Cathedral

Student report - Donaukanal


Vienna is also known for its many museums for modern art as well as classical art. These both pictures were taken in two very famous museums in Vienna. The first one I took in “MUMOK” and the second one in “Albertina”. If you are interested in art, you will love Vienna. 

Student report - museum

Student report - Art


At the end, some tips from my side: 

  • At the “Donauinsel” you can swim. Especially in summer, it is great to jump into the cool water and refresh yourself.
  • If you have enough time, don’t stay in the city centre all the time. Also explore some side streets because one can find many interesting things there. I for example found a shop with my last name on it 🙂 

Student report - Donauinsel

Student report - Vienna


My conclusion: If you would like to learn German and experience as much as possible during your stay in Vienna, then ActiLingua is the best choice. 

Tomás, P. 

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