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My name is Michaela and I would like to share my experiences from Vienna and my Actilingua German course with you. All this comes with useful advice and recommendations.

First of all, it is good to do some preparation work before you arrive in Vienna. You can start with basic research on the ActiLingua blog ( I would recommend you read this article: “10 reasons for Vienna”). Afterwards I downloaded the app “ live” which also includes an offline city map of Vienna (you can get it on Google Play or in the App Store). In this app you can see all the street names, interesting places and moreover it also includes the possibility to create your own saved points. I found this app very useful when travelling across Vienna. Then, I went through all the things I had already learned in German to get used to the language. But even if you are a complete beginner, you don’t need to worry. At the ActiLingua Academy you will learn very quickly, since you are in everyday contact with the German language.

How to make your German learning progress even faster? I have a few tips for you: 

  • when you arrive at the ActiLingua Academy, you will get a vocabulary book with some basic words, read through it and take it everywhere with you so you can learn in every free minute
  • buy a book in German language. You can get books for learners in Thalia (a book store) where you can choose from a variety of different levels. (one store is close to the ActiLingua Academy – in the shopping mall at the station “Landstraße” )
  • make friends at school and travel with them so you can talk German with each other
  • read free newspaper (you can get them at almost every metro station in the morning)
  • be part of every tour offered by ActiLingua. These tours are the best way to explore Vienna and practice your German, since students are motivated to talk with each other. 

The best things to do in Vienna:

1. Schönbrunn 

The most glorious tourist attraction is undoubtedly this palace. Besides its interesting interior, there is a huge garden with the “Gloriette” on the hill. There is also the biggest labyrinth I have ever seen. 

Student Report Schönbrunn

2. Naschmarkt 

Do you want to experience the real Viennese market flair? Are you interested in buying fresh coconuts, falafels, watermelons and even clothes? Then this is the ideal place for you. Moreover, you can try to bargain about the price here.

Student Report Naschmarkt

3. Hundertwasserhaus

Such a unique piece of architecture is surely a place you have to visit. The walls of this house are colourful with many details on them, the door looks like a wave and inside there are many nice fountains!

Student Report Hundertwasserhaus

4. Prater

Would you like to spend your day in an amusement park, but you don’t want to spend too much money and to travel too far in order to get there? Then the Viennese Prater is the best solution for you. The “Prater” is located in city centre and the entry is free!

Student Report Prater

5. Mariahilferstraße

It is the best place to go shopping. You can buy literally everything here. There are really expensive shops, but also cheaper ones and even second-hand shops which donate their earnings to charity projects. 

6. Swimming  

There are so many places, where you can swim. However, not all of them are for free and with clear water. I searched for 2 hours to find the best place and then finally, I found it. So, here is the way: take the metro U1 to the station “Alte Donau” and then take the bus “220” or “20B” to “Arbeiterstrandbad” and then the beach is just in front of you. 

7. Museums

A useful thing to know is, that in Vienna you can enter almost every museum for free when you are under 19. You just have to bring your ID card with you. I was at the “Naturhistorisches Museum” and  at “Technisches Museum”. It was a great experience, since there was even a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex! If you are interested in art, you should visit the “Kunsthistorisches Museum” or “MUMOK”. 

Student Report Museum

8. Opera

The phenomenal opera in Vienna was my best cultural experience, besides the “Donauinselfest”. However, it is really expensive, so you have to be smart. Therefore you have to arrive one hour and a half before the performance starts in order to get a standing ticket, which costs only 3 Euros.

9. Kahlenberg

I wouldn’t even know about this place without joining the ActiLingua excursions. This place is located outside the city centre and from up there you have a nice view of Vienna. On the way back you can enjoy the surrounding and also visit a restaurant with tasty wines. 

10. Sachertorte

This cake tastes like heaven, but only if you eat the original. Therefore, I recommend you to try it at the “Hotel Sacher”, which is right next to the Albertina. 

Student Report Sachertorte

Of course in Vienna there are much more things to explore, for example going to the cinema, where you even get a discount with the Actilingua card or to hang out at festivals. I visited the “Donauinselfest”, which is the biggest open-air festival in Europe and the entry is free.

Student Report Donauinselfest

            I hope I could help you with my tips and recommendations regarding your preparation and research work for a German course at the ActiLingua Academy in Vienna.

Michaela, K. 

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