Student report – Martin

German language course – ActiLingua Wien 2017

In August, I attended a one-week German course for teachers in Vienna. First, I would like to point out the perfect and flawless cooperation between the booking center, the ActiLingua Academy, the restaurant and the Residence. All these institutions are easy to reach and provided me with great facilities and comfort during my whole stay.

The language lessons took place at the ActiLingua School in the afternoon. The time in the mornings I used for visiting local sights and important places in Vienna. I visited St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Schönbrunn Palace, Belvedere Palace, St. Peter’s Church, the opera, all famous buildings at “Ringstraße”, the „Anker clock“, Vienna’s Prater and UNO-City. In Vienna, every spot has its own beauty and is very impressive for visitors. In the evenings, I enjoyed some offers of the varied cultural programme of the city.

Student Report - Palace Belvedere

Student Report - Votivkirche

Student Report - Palace Schönbrunn

Student Report - Anker Uhr

Student Report - UNO CITY Vienna

In my opinion, it is really worth it to visit the Belvedere. There you can find many famous works of artists like Monet, Manet, Gogh, Renoir, Munch, Friedrich and Schiele. I am sure that a visit of the Belvedere will be an amazing experience you will remember for a long time – especially for art loves. Also the musical offer is wide-ranging in Vienna. During my stay, I listened to a string sextet in the crypt of St. Peter´s church and to an orchestra concert in the St. Stephen´s Cathedral. The landmark of Vienna is the giant wheel in Vienna’s Prater. You definitely should visit it once. In summer, there is a very popular film festival in front of the town hall. Every evening they show concerts, films and operas on a huge screen. I would recommend you to visit this place also to experience Vienna’s nightlife. Afterwards you should take a walk along the “Ringstraße” and marvel at the many lighted monuments.

Student Report - giant wheel
Student Report - Filmfestival town hall

Student Report - Karlskirche Vienna

Finally, I would like to share my experiences about the German lessons at the ActiLingua Academy with you. I really liked the diversity of nationalities in my German class. In my group, we were ten students and almost everyone came from a different country. I come from the Czech Republic, and the others were from Mexico, Japan, Kazakhstan, Poland, Norway, Spain, Mongolia and Italy. I have never experienced such a great cultural exchange before. In addition to my positive impressions about the other students, I have to mention the great ActiLingua teachers, who perfectly supported our group dynamic.  They inspired me for my further career as a teacher.

Martin, K.


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