Popular Austrians: The Trapp Family

The Trapp family and their story is known around the world. However, in Austria and Germany “The Sound of Music” is largely unknown, although the family’s story was staged as a musical and the movie won five Academy Awards.

The Trapp Family

Yet, the locations and story are inseparably connected to Austria, especially Salzburg. We would like to show you these places and introduce the Trapp family to you!

The Trapp family’s story

The story begins at the end of the 1920s when nun-to-be Maria Kutschera moved into the house of Captain von Trapp to work as governess to his six children. However, other than planned, they got married after a year and added another two children to their family. Because of an unfortunate financial crisis, Maria started to arrange concerts with the children singing, making a family hobby into a profession.

In 1938 Captain von Trapp refused to join Hitler’s army when Austria was affiliated by Hitler Germany. The family had to flee, packed only their rucksacks, and left all their fortune and belongings behind. Their journey led them to New York where they reached national fame within a short time. The family kept touring through the states until they purchased a large farm in Vermont in 1941. It was Maria who wrote and published their story.

Places in Austria related to the Trapp Family

There are many places in and around Salzburg that are directly connected to the Trapp family and the movie about them. Here is a map with all those locations:

  • Nonnberg Abbey
    It’s here that the nuns sing the song “Maria”
  • The Palace of Mirabell
    In the movie Maria and the children dance in the garden singing the song “Do-Re-Mi”.
  • Residence Square
    While she is singing “I have confidence”, Maria crosses the Residence Square.
  • Riding School “Felsenreitschule”
    Here, the family performs the farewell song and Baron von Trapp sings the song “Edelweiss”.
  • St. Peter’s Cemetery
    At this location the dramatic flight scenes were filmed.
  • Leopoldskron Palace
    This location was used for filming scenes where you see the garden and terrace. One room of the castle was even copied and rebuilt at the studios for the ballroom scenes!
  • Mondsee
    The chapel at Mondsee was used for filming the wedding of Maria and Baron von Trapp.
  • The Gazebo
    The Gazebo, now located at Hellbrunn Palace, is the location where two main love scenes were filmed: “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” and “Something Good”.
  • Villa Trapp
    The original Sound of Music family home

If you would like to take a guided tour you can book one e.g. here or here.

Have you heard about the Trapp family before? Have you visited one of the movie locations?

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