Photos: Singing lessons at the ActiLingua Residence

Vienna is the world’s music capital! Mozart, Haydn, Beethoven – many popular composers ensured that even today music is literally in the air. This was even more noticeable at the ActiLingua Residence for the past few weeks. Because for the fourth time we welcomed music students from American universities at the ActiLingua Academy!

First and foremost the students performed classical songs from Schubert, Brahms, etc. – obviously in German language! So in order to deliver a meaningful performance and learn the right German pronunciation, the students had not only vocal coaching but daily German lessons at the ActiLingua Academy, too.

You can follow the tracks of the great Austrian composers, too! In cooperation with the Vienna Conservatory we offer “German and Music” courses where you can combine your German lessons with music studies!

The stay of the American students came to an end last Saturday with a big concert at the “Schubert Geburtshaus”. Here are some photos of their final practices:

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