Our ActiLingua Residence employee: Ka-Ying

Why Ka-Ying likes to work at the ActiLingua Residence and what her wishes for the future are, can be read here in her profile. 

 ActiLingua Residence employee: Ka-Ying

What’s your name?

Your age?

What are you responsible for in the ActiLingua Residence?
I work at the reception.

Your previous education and or working experiences: 
I attended the Business Academy in Wiener Neustadt and now I am studying English, philosophy and psychology with the objective of a certification as teacher. 

Since when you are working at the ActiLingua Residence?
Since September 2013.

What are your daily tasks at the ActiLingua Residence?

  • reception operations (check-in, check-out etc.) 
  • guest relations and checking the rooms
  • collaboration with the booking center

What should never be missing at your desk?
A glass of water. 

What is special about working at the ActiLingua Residence?
I  work with people from all over the world and enjoy the opportunity to use my foreign language skills.

How do you feel about working with students most of the time?
That is what makes it very interesting and varied.

Can you remember a very special moment during your time at the ActiLingua Residence?
There were a lot. I really appreciate the friendly and personal feedback from many guests as well as the inspiring conversations I had with many students. 

What are your personal wishes for the future?
Finishing my studies soon and then to travel around the world. 


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