Learn German in Germany or somewhere else?

Five reasons for a German course in Vienna

You want to learn German but haven’t decided between Austria and Germany yet? In five points, this article will tell you why Austria is even the better option for a German language course.

1. What is standard German?

The German language is a mixture of Middle German and High German. It was artificially created by poets, philisophers and scholars. The point is, that historically and linguistically considered, most of the dialects in Austria are based on standard German, which is taught in schools.

2. What language is spoken in Austria?

The language spoken in Austria is German. When people say Austrian German is different from German in Germany, it is merely about the fact that German is a pluricentric language, just like English. Actually the differences are pretty much non-existent. In Vienna, our students will learn standard German so that they are prepared for everyday life in Austria as well as in Germany.

3. The traditional “Weißwurst equator”

The “Weißwurst equator” seperates the Middle German from the High German language tradition. In Austria and Bavaria we use High German, which is more melodious and pleasing to the ear. In other words, we actually speak the more beautiful German in Austria. Click here to get more information about the “Weißwurst equator” and the regions of German usage.


4. Austrian German = international

While in Germany some words have been germanised, in Austria we are trying to adapt internationally. However, to be honest, the German in Austria differs only in some rare cases regarding the pronunciation and spelling of the German in Germany, mostly when it comes to food.

5. Learn German in Vienna – typically Austrian

ActiLingua Academy not only provides a top standard of language tution, but also offers the possibility to stay with a host family. This allows our students to get to know the typical Austrian lifestyle and make friends for life.

Do you now want to learn German in Austria? Then you should definetely come to the beautiful city of Vienna and combine your stay with a German course at the ActiLingua Academy. On our Website you can find all the courses, as well as detailed information about accommodation options and our cultural and leisure programme. 


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