Insider tips for Vienna: Mozart’s grave

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Insider tips for Vienna

Insider tips for Vienna: The grave of Mozart

Do you know where the famous musician and composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was buried? Many visitors think it must be somewhere at the well-known “Zentralfriedhof” next to many other famous Viennese personalities like Beethoven, Brahms or Schubert. That is not entirely wrong because at the “Zentralfriedhof” you will find Mozart’s honorary grave. This memorial primarily represents a sign of appreciation for the artist’s works during his lifetime. But the original grave of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart can be found at a different place and our receptionist Martin knows where.

Well it may be surprising but it is only ten minutes’ walk away from our ActiLingua Residence. Mozart was buried at the St. Marx Cemetery on 7 December, 1791. Therfore the whole area has been listed as monument protected since 1936 and 1937. Actually a few people knew that the original grave is at the St. Marx Cemetery and that is why it is definitely worth a visit!

Opening hours:

  • April 1 – September 30 from 06:30 am to 08:00 pm
  • October 1 – Mars 31 from 06:30 am to 06:30 pm

Here you can find more information about the St. Marx Cemetery as well as Mozart’s original grave.


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