Hiking in Vienna

Feel like exploring nature? Vienna has a number of surprises to offer nature lovers – let’s find out where you can find the best spots for hiking in Vienna.

Wandern in Wien – Ausschilderung der Wiener Sadtwanderwege

Not just Vienna’s diverse architecture is a sight on its own, in and around the city one can find marvellous parks, gardens and landscapes to explore.

If you get lucky, you might just find some rare animal species along your path. Foxes, badgers, beech martens, deer or the endangered black-bellied hamster, are just some animals you may come across.

Classic hiking in Vienna

One possibility to experience Vienna’s green side, are the City Hiking Paths. The forestry office has developed nine paths, which are regularly maintained, secured and signposted. You will find vantage points, clearings, seating areas, table or exciting forest play grounds. Wandern in Wien und Wiener Wildtiere entdecken mit WildUrb

Hiking in Vienna for adventurers

If you are looking for little known inside tips, you might like the WildUrb Community. They encourage wanderlust and adventure as well as enjoying nature.

WildUrb’s paths and tracks are centred on relaxation and inspiration. You will find everything from short strolls to longer hikes. A special treat that made WildUrb famous: exploration paths for dog lovers.

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