How to write a job application

You have finally found your dream job, but you do not know how to write the perfect application to convince the employer that you are right choice? We have the answer.


It is not easy to write a good application for a job, after all, the employer should be convinced that you are the right choice for the position. Therefore, you have to consider a few things before writing your application. Think about where you want to apply and what your expectations for the job are.

Before writing your application letter, it is necessary to do some research about the company and the desired field of activity. Make sure you can offer the qualifications, experience and personal skills that the employer is seeking. You should fulfil at least 80% of their job postings’ criteria.

Your applications files generally should include a curriculum vitae (CV), a cover letter and possibly certificates and references. This depends on the employer and the position for which you are applying.

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The CV is a summary of your educational and academic background and should normally be two pages at the most. It contains details about yourself, your education, work experiences and additional skills like language and computer skills. Of course, there are other possible sections too. You can include, for example, a photo and references (on demand). You can also refer to your personal interests, but be careful! Mention them only, if they qualify you for your future job.

Bewerbungen schreiben

An effective CV must be able to attract positive attention. Therefore, avoid typographical and grammatical errors. The CV must be well organized, concise and complete, like this one.

If you are applying for a job, you do not only need a CV, but also an accompanying cover letter.

Cover Letter

The cover letter’s format is a typical business letter. It is never longer than one page. In this letter, you should explain, among other things, why you are writing to them. Is it a response to a job advert or a prospective application letter? Maybe you have heard about the job from a friend. Explain your interest in this company and what you have to offer. Why are you the perfect match for this job?

Try to present yourself as best as possible. Describe your strengths and refer to educational or work experience listed in your CV, if it qualifies you for the job. Be careful of not just repeating what is written in your CV; instead, refer to it, if necessary.

In conclusion, you should bid directly for the job interview and indicate that further references are available on request. Here you can find an example for a complete cover letter.

If your application was successful, you will get an invitation to a job interview. We are keeping our fingers crossed! 🙂


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