Photos: Best of February

A lot happened at ActiLingua in February. Ice skating by night and a trip to Klosterneuburg are only two examples.


Each week, we offer various leisure activities to our ActiLingua students to improve their German language skills and give them insights into Austrian culture. Of course, it’s also plenty of fun! 😉

So, what did our students experience at ActiLingua in February? Well, ice skating at night was one of the highlights. It was a great chance to enjoy Vienna by night. Furthermore, we organized an excursion to Klosterneuburg. There, we explored the famous Klosterneuburg monastery, saw the Verduner Altar and walked through the city of Klosterneuburg.

In February, we also held the popular workshop on “Language immersion”, in which our students improved their German language skills together. Our ActiLingua students also received their well-deserved language course certificate at the end of their courses.


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