ActiLingua Residence – profile: Beatrice

We asked Beatrice from Italy why she is staying at the ActiLingua Residence and how she spends her time off in Vienna.

ActiLingua Residence

What’s your name and where are you from?
My name is Beatrice. I am from Italy.

How long have you been staying at the ActiLingua Residence already?
Since February 1, 2016.

Why did you choose the ActiLingua Residence for your stay?
I chose the ActiLingua Residence because of its proximity to school.

What kind of apartment are you staying in?
I’ve booked a standard apartment which I share with Anyi, who is a student from China.

What do you enjoy most about your apartment at the ActiLingua Residence?
I like the room and the bathroom.

What do you like to do with other students at the ActiLingua Residence?
We cook and go out together. I have lots of fun in the city.

What do like most about the staff at the ActiLingua Residence?
I like the staff. They are friendly and always available.  

What are your favourite things to do during your time off in Vienna?
I like to walk through the city centre and I often take part in school activities.

What are some must-sees in Vienna?
The city centre, the ActiLingua Academy and people!

What are your concluding thoughts about ActiLingua? I
I think that the ActiLingua Residence is good, but I would like to have more kitchen accessories in the apartment.

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