Colour Theory for Students

We’re getting rid of our winter blues and want more colour in our lives! Did you know that colours influence us day in, day out? Not only when choosing a wall colour for your living room or when you decide on what you’ll be wearing today. They even influence our mood!

We want to show you how you can use this effect to your advantage and provide you with tips and hints for your daily student life.

Colour Theory for Students | ActiLingua Academy


Yellow promotes concentration and provides you with energy. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to get up in the morning when the sun shines through your window?

On the other hand, yellow is great to strengthen your nerves. So, a yellow t-shirt is the right decision if you’re nervous because of a test.

Our everyday tip: There are alarm clocks working with light (dawn simulator) that wake you in the morning and help you to get into a good mood every morning – even on foggy winter days. Or try boosting your energy with drinking your morning coffee or tea in a yellow mug!


You’ve tried everything but you’re still feeling tired end exhausted? You just need a splash of red! The colour red represents power and courage. So, if you need an extra potion of adrenaline for your next presentation red is you’re colour!

Our everyday tip: A red notebook, a red case for your mobile phone or a red pen: even a small dose of red makes you more confident and provides you with extra energy.


If you had an exhausting day and need to slow down, try the colour blue. It calms you down and focuses your thoughts on the important things. The colour blue is great if you need to concentrate on writing your homework.

Our everyday tip: If you’re using your computer for studying, use a blue desktop wallpaper. This way you can always look at it whenever you’re brainstorming.


If you need to exclusively concentrate on one topic, you should use the colour green. Green strengthens the senses and has a vitalising effect on your brain. The perfect mix to study your vocab 😉

Our everyday tip: When studying, use a green highlighter to mark important passages. And how about a pot plant on your desk? It doesn’t only look nice and improve your concentration, but also improves the room climate!

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