Baroque and the Lionheart: A trip to Melk

Melk Abbey is a world heritage site – on their fascinating trip, our Summer School students found out why.

ActiLingua students visiting Melk

Melk presented itself on a fantastic summer’s day and the classy atmosphere did the rest – there really is no better backdrop for a group photo.

The world heritage site of Melk Abbey impresses with its baroque architectural style. Aesthetically, it places itself in the surrounding Danube landscape, which is best experienced by boat. So, the next leg of the trip was by boat from Melk to Dürnstein.

ActiLingua students visiting Melk

Dürnstein is famously known, not only for its vineyards but mainly for its castle ruins. The legendary King Richard the Lionheart was held prisoner here from 1192-1193. His escape from the castle is shrouded in legends, with many tales and myths to go along.

A famous legend tells of a singer by the name Blondel who travelled the lands searching for the King. In each town, he started playing a song that only Richard knew. While in Dürnstein, he heard a voice continuing his song, which led him to the conclusion, that it could have only been Richard the Lionheart.

ActiLingua students visiting Melk

We are not sure if our students had heard of the legend, but they definitely returned very inspired from their trip to Melk and got together for a jam session in the park right away. More about that in our next article!

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