Activity programme: Cooking “Kaiserschmarrn”

What is typically Austrian? One right answer would be „Kaiserschmarrn“. That is why we invited our students to join us baking a delicious Kaiserschmarrn in our school together.

Activity Program: Kaiserschmarrn | ActiLingua Academy Blog

Kaiserschmarrn is one of the most famous desserts of the traditional Austrian cuisine. It is a special kind of preparation based on a pancake-dough. The name Kaiserschmarrn (= emperors dish) comes from Emperor Franz Joseph I, who liked to eat the pancake dish at his hunting lodge after his hunts. So this special kind of dish was then named “emperors dish” or in German: “Kaiserschmarrn”.

We also wanted our students to feel like our former Austrian emperors and to enjoy the genuine Austrian Kaiserschmarrn. We used the rooms of our school in order to introduce the famous Kaiserschmarrn to the students and then to bake it together.

Activity Program: Kaiserschmarrn | ActiLingua Academy Blog

After we prepared the dish together we took a few moments to enjoy that sweet delicious meal. And we were all happy to discover, that everybody now knows how to make Kaiserschmarrn themselves, so that we all can impress and spoil our friends with this Austrian specialty.


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