ActiLingua teacher profile: Martina

We are continuing our teacher profile series. Today, we meet Martina.

ActiLingua-Lehrer - Steckbrief *** ActiLingua teacher profile

How long have you been teaching at ActiLingua?
Since March 2016.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
I find the mutual exchange very exciting. I’m glad to see how they learn to engage with Germany and Austria, in the same way as I learn new things about their countries and their everyday life.

Is there a story from your time as an ActiLingua teacher, which you can share?
On a monday a student told me that he had a cat (dt. Katze). Oh, how cute, a new pet! He was surprised by my joyful reaction, because he actually had a hangover (dt. Kater), therefore he had headache and no sweet pet.

What do you like to do most during your time off in Vienna?
In my leisure time, I like to go rock climbing, for example, up the flak tower at the Esterházypark. You’ll be rewarded with an incredible view over Vienna after the effort. One could almost forget the height!

Which bar could you recommend to our ActiLingua students?
After an exhausting day, I like to go to the café Ulrich where I enjoy the last rays of sunshine in the “Schanigarten” (tables on the sidewalk in front of eating and drinking places). The breakfast is highly recommended, too.

What is your personal sightseeing tip for people visiting Vienna?
I recommend a side trip to the palace of justice during a walk on the Vienna Ring Road. I’m always impressed by the large columned hall and the beautiful view over the inner city of Vienna from the top floor. If you like, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace as well.

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