ActiLingua teacher profile: Isabella

We are continuing our teacher profile series, today we meet Isabella.

ActiLingua Deutsch-Lehrerin Isabella im Interview

Your name?


How long have you been teaching at ActiLingua?

Since July 2013.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love interacting with the students. While teaching, I also learn so much about the students’ language and culture.

Is there a fun story from your time as an ActiLingua teacher, which you can share?

Well, one learns from mistakes. Nevertheless, sometimes they will make a teacher chuckle. Some students ended up saying they worked as “car machines”, they “fired” (not celebrated) the Three King’s Day (January 6th) or “ironed” other students over the weekend. Quite a lot of students also wish to go “in” the toilet.

What do you like to do most during your off time in Vienna?

I love spending time with my friends. I’m all into spontaneous stuff, along the lines of “let’s see what happens”. Just head on out and see what’s going to happen. 🙂

Which pub/bar/restaurant could you recommend to our ActiLingua students?

Although most ActiLingua students love going to Praterdome, there are so many other bars in Vienna. On and around the Schwedenplatz you can find numerous pubs and clubs. If you like Irish Pubs, Charly P’s is well worth a visit.

What is your personal sightseeing tip for people visiting Vienna?

Definitely explore Vienna outside of the beaten paths. Walk up the Gloriette outside Schönbrunn Palace and take in the magnificent view. If you are a Harry Potter fan, definitely visit the library inside Vienna’s Main University building – you will feel like standing in the Great Hall in Hogwarts.

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