ActiLingua teacher profile: Duygu

We are continuing our teacher profile series. Today, we meet Duygu.

ActiLingua Lehrer-Steckbrief

Your name?

How long have you been teaching at ActiLingua?
Since 2010.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?
The students … witnessing their enormous progress every single day!

Is there a story from your time as an ActiLingua teacher, which you can share?
Once, I had a student who quiet and calm, in class and in general. One day, after I had left the classroom, I heard loud opera music. I was curious. I went back into the classroom and behold, my previously mentioned shy student sang songs in German in front of the whole class! We found out that he was an opera singer.

What do you like to do most during your time off in Vienna?
Attending concerts, doing sports and going to Viennese coffee houses.

Which bar could you recommend to our ActiLingua students?
The 25h Hotel at the MuseumsQuartier offers a great view over Vienna. It is also decorated and furnished in such a creative and exceptional way.

What is your personal sightseeing tip for people visiting Vienna?

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