ActiLingua students – interview: Yue

ActiLingua student Yue is visiting ActiLingua for 6 months. During his stay he improves his German and experiences a beautiful city and its residents.

Why do you want to learn German?
I want to learn German, because I would like to study at a University in Austria or Germany.


Studenten Steckbrief Yue | ActiLingua Academy

Why did you choose ActiLingua?
I have looked up multiple language-schools back at home and ActiLingua was the one that had everything set up and prepared: the course, the apartment, the insurance etc. Everything was ready and so uncomplicated! I liked that very much.

What do you especially like about ActiLingua?
I enjoy the lessons very much, the teachers are very nice and we have a nice ambience in the classroom. We study in small groups and I learn very much this way.

Why did you choose Vienna?
I chose Vienna because I would like to make a new experience. It is a new world for me in Vienna.

What do you like most about Vienna?
I like the classical buildings in Vienna. They are very old and look fantastic. Also, the people around me are nice, in my apartment and at school, the teachers and my colleagues are very nice.

Where is your favorite place in Vienna?
I like the Inner City. There are many historical buildings and a lot of parks.

What is a must-do in Vienna?
You have to see „Schloss Schönbrunn“ and you have to enjoy the delicious food in Austria.

What do you have to eat or drink in Vienna?
You have to eat „Käsekrainer“ (sausage filled with cheese) and „Wiener Schnitzel“.

What is typically Austrian?
„Sissi“ and also the music from Austria is famous all around the world.

What is your favourite German word?
Genau! (Exactly!)

How many „Schnitzel“ did you already eat?
Too many.

What is your summary about Vienna?
Vienna is a beautiful international city and I am very glad that I get to stay and study here.

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