ActiLingua students – interview: Natalia

We asked our ActiLingua student Natalia from Slovakia a few questions what she likes about Vienna, why she chose ActiLingua to learn German and what’s her must-see in Vienna! Enjoy 🙂

Why do you want to learn German?

I want to learn German, because I would like to work in Austria and therefore I want to improve my German.


Steckbrief: ActiLingua Studentin Natalia


Why did you choose ActiLingua?

I chose ActiLingua because they offer multiple different courses and I could join the right course at my language level. I used to learn German in high school but it still needs to get better so that I can get a good job in Vienna.


What do you especially like about ActiLingua?

I like that the study groups are small and that I can always ask when I do not understand grammar. The teachers always have time to explain everything to me and I believe to learn very fast this way.


Why did you choose Vienna?

I chose Vienna, because I would like to work in Austria. I like Austria better than Germany.


What do you like most about Vienna?

I like that Vienna is a very green city, very friendly and that it is located at the heart of Europe.


Where is your favorite place in Vienna?

I like the „Prater“. The large park in the middle of the town where I often go running.


What is a must-do in Vienna?

You have to go to a coffeehouse and try to understand the Viennese dialect of the old people.


What do you have to eat or drink in Vienna?

There is very good coffee in Vienna and very nice coffeehouses.


What is typically Austrian?

Wintersport. A lot of skiing, ice skating, etc.


What is your favourite German word?

Kugelschreiber (pen)


How many „Schnitzel“ did you already eat?

Not that many, but they taste very good.


What is your summary about Vienna?

I like Vienna very much, I would like to find a job here in Vienna and stay and life here.

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