ActiLingua students – interview: André

Our ActiLingua student André from Brazil answered a few questions. Now we know his tips for learning German and which Viennese words he knows.


Where are you from?
From Salvador, Brazil.

What is the difference between Vienna and your hometown?
Brazil is a new country and it is not as rich in history as Austria. In Austria, there are many museums. In Brazil, there are also many sights, but those are nature and agriculture. There are no castles in Brazil.
People in Austria are different. In Brazil, they are more open. Austrian people complain about everything, about the heat, the EU, the euro, the cold.

Do you know any Viennese word?
“Bist du deppert.” (Are you crazy?)
“Schau ma mal.” (We’ll see.)

Did anything about Vienna surprise you?
The public transport functions better than in Brazil. There are buses, trams and the underground.

How would you describe your typical day?
I’ve been here for four months. I visited museums and the old town in the first two months. After school, I like to spend my free time with friends.

What are your tips for learning German?
I listen to the German radio and watch TV to improve my German. I read newspapers to improve my language skills. The App LEO helps a lot for communication.

What do you like about the German language?
That a lot of words make sense, for example “Laufgerät” (treadmill). The word is a combination of two logical words. This is not the case in the Portuguese language.

Where are your classmates from?
I met people from all over the world – from the USA to China. Certainly people from more than 20 countries.

What is typically Austrian?
Goulash and I love Manner. It is my favourite candy in Vienna!

Which sights do you absolutely have to see, if you are in Vienna?
Sights like Schönbrunn, St. Stephen’s Cathedral and museums.

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