ActiLingua students – interview: Alexandra

Why do you want to learn German?
I want to learn German, because German is a very beautiful and an important language in Europe.

Studenten Steckbrief: Alexandra | ActiLingua Academy Blog

Why did you choose ActiLingua?
I have looked up many language-schools on the internet and ActiLingua was the one that I liked the most. It offered everything that I was looking for.

What do you especially like about ActiLingua?
I especially like the teachers at ActiLingua. They are very nice and great, I learn a lot because of them.

Why did you choose Vienna?
I chose Vienna because my grandmother lives here and because Vienna is a very beautiful city. Vienna is a great place to study German.

What do you like most about Vienna?
I like that Vienna has many parks, it is a very green city. There are many sights and events to visit.

Where is your favorite place in Vienna?
My favorite place in Vienna is the “Wiener Prater”, you can have a lot of fun there.

What is a must-do in Vienna?
You have to see the “Inner-City” and eat a real “Wiener Schnitzel”.

What do you have to eat or drink in Vienna?
You have to eat “Kaiserschmarrn” and you have to drink a “Radler” (=mixture of beer and lemonade)

What is typically Austrian?
Classical music, you hear that quite often.

What is your favourite German word?

What is your summary about Vienna?
I like Vienna very much, there is a lot to see and to do and one never gets bored in this city.

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