ActiLingua student profile: Timur

Why our ActiLingua student Timur thinks Vienna is the best city in Europe and where he loves to spend his time, can be read here in his profile.

student profile

What’s your name?

Where are you from?
I am from Russia.

How long have you been studying German?
I am here for one month now but will stay for five. 

Why did you choose ActiLingua?
What I’ve read and heard so far it is the best school in Vienna.

What do you especially like about ActiLingua?
Everything. I like the teachers and how they organise the German lessons.

Why did you choose Vienna?
It is the cultural center of Europe and in addition Vienna is one of the safest cities worldwide. 

What do you like most about Vienna?
The beautiful bulidings and the green parks.

What is your favourite place in Vienna?
The “Wiener Konzerthaus”.

What is a must-do in Vienna?
One should visit the many museums and parks and go to a concert of Mozart. Also the nightclubs in Vienna are worth a visit 🙂 

What do you have to eat or drink in Vienna?
“Würstel” and also the beer tastes really good here. 

How many “Schnitzel“ have you eaten already?
Two for sure. 

What is typically Austrian?
The beautiful nature, the architecture, the Austrian culture as well as the friendly Viennese people. 

What is your favorite German word?
Ich liebe dich! (En: I love you!).

What is your summary about Vienna?
It is the best city in Europe. It is a great city to live and study and the people are very openminded. 


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