ActiLingua student profile: Nick

Why our ActiLingua student Nick loves to spend time at the Haas&Haas Haus and why ActiLingua was the right choice for him, can be read here in his profile.


ActiLingua student profile

What’s your name?

Where are you from?
From England.

How long have you been studying German?
50 years ago I learnt German at school for one year. Since then I was in Munich and Berlin for two weeks.

Why did you choose ActiLingua?
I wanted to see Vienna, improve my German skills and understand the Austrian culture.

What do you especially like about ActiLingua?
The very friendly, positive atmosphere and the desire to help me.

Why did you choose Vienna?
I’ve never been to Vienna before but wanted to see it.

What do you like most about Vienna?
The Haas&Haas Haus, the Leopold Museum, the Judenplatz, the old trams and the wide streets.

What is your favourite place in Vienna?
The Haas&Haas Haus. There I sit down in a wicker chair and relax while I am drinking a good cup of tea. It is very unusual and feels like I am frozen in time.

What is a must-do in Vienna?
The Schiele and Klimt paintings!

How many “Schnitzel“ have you eaten already?
Not one. I am sorry. 🙂

What is typically Austrian?
The old trams, wide streets and statuesque buildings.

What is your favorite German word?
„Schmetterling (en: butterfly).

What is your summary about Vienna?
Vienna is very very very beautiful. Clean, helpful people, no graffiti, big buildings. A very special place to live.

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