ActiLingua student profile: Jasmin

Why Jasmin always thinks of mountains and beautiful lakes when it comes to Austria and why she has chosen ActiLingua, can be read here in her profile.

ActiLingua student Jasmin

What’s your name?

Where are you from?
From Belgium. 

How long have you been studying German?
For more than two months now. 

Why did you choose ActiLingua?
Because ActiLingua offers the possibility to combine a German course with music lessons. In the future I maybe want to study music. 

What do you especially like about ActiLingua?
The group courses and the atmosphere in the school. 

Why did you choose Vienna?
Vienna is known for classical music and that is what I am interested in. In addition many people recommended me Vienna because it is great to live here. 

What do you like most about Vienna?
The “Museumsquartier”. 

What is your favourite place in Vienna?
It is also in the “Museumsquartier”.

What is a must-do in Vienna?
Enjoy a walk along the famous “Ringstraße” and passing the parliament, the town hall and the university of Vienna. 

What do you have to eat or drink in Vienna?
A piece of “Apfelstrudel” (EN: apple pie) and in autumn one glass of “Sturm” (EN: very sweet wine). 

How many “Schnitzel“ have you eaten already?
I am not sure but I have definitely tried it once. 

What is typically Austrian?
When I think of Austria I always see mountains and beautiful lakes in front of me. And Tyrol, the province also represents Austria for me. 

What is your favorite German word?
Paradeiser (EN: tomato) 

What is your summary about Vienna?
I got to know a new culture and made new friends. The social aspect is very important for me and that is why I would recommend ActiLingua to friends of mine. 

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