ActiLingua student profile: Isabella

We asked our ActiLingua student Isabella about her must-see in Vienna, her tips for learning German and what she likes about the German language. 

StudentensteckbriefWhere are you from?
I am from Brazil, but I live in the USA.

What is the difference between Vienna and your hometown?
It is very hot in Brazil and there is a beach. The buildings are very old in Vienna. Brazil has new buildings.

Do you know any Viennese word?
”Deppert“ (stupid/dumb)

Did anything about Vienna surprise you?
The underground train network functions very well.

How would you describe your typical day?
After school, I go running and I go to the city. I like to go to St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

What are your tips for learning German?
Speak German at the bar and go get a drink with your friends.

What do you like about the German language?
The long words. Many words are written together.

Have you found new friends?
It is easy to find friends. Many of my friends live next door. We spend a lot of time together. It is great that ActiLingua is international!

Did you have a fun experience in Vienna?
It is my first week here and I am still waiting for a fun experience.

What is typically Austrian?
Wiener Schnitzel.

Which sights do you absolutely have to see, if you are in Vienna?
Schönbrunn Palace is very romantic and beautiful. It is my favorite place in Vienna.

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