ActiLingua Residence – profile: Miho

We asked Miho from Japan why she is staying at the ActiLingua Residence and how she spends her time off in Vienna.

ActiLingua Residence

What’s your name and where are you from?
My name is Miho. I am from Japan.

How long have you been staying at the ActiLingua Residence already?
I’ve been here for four months now.

Why did you choose the ActiLingua Residence for your stay?
I study German in Japan and I’m interested in the Habsburg monarchy. Indeed, I did learn German in Japan, but it was mixed with Japanese. Therefore, I decided to come to Vienna. Here, I only learn German.

What kind of apartment are you staying in?
I’ve booked a standard apartment which I share with Jelena.

What do you enjoy most about your apartment at the ActiLingua Residence?
I particularly like the great connection to the city centre.

Do you ever cook together or have movie nights, or nights about the town?
We often cook and visit museums together. We also celebrated New Year’s Eve together.

What do like most about the staff at the ActiLingua Residence?
The staff is always nice and reacts promptly when complaints are made. They try to help and solve the problem.

What are your favourite things to do during your time off in Vienna?
I like to take pictures of the city and its sights. I also like to visit museums.

What are some must-sees in Vienna?
You definitely have to see the Hofburg Palace as well as Schönbrunn Palace and the Vienna Zoo, the Museum of Art History and the Hundertwasserhaus.

What are your concluding thoughts about ActiLingua?
I’m glad to be here. I met many new people at ActiLingua and made lots of new friends.

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