ActiLingua Residence – profile: Naoko

Why Naoko came to Vienna in order to learn German and what she loves to do in her free time? Here are her answers!

What’s your name and where are you from?
My name is Naoko and I am from Japan.

How long have you been staying at the ActiLingua Residence already?
I live here since the 27th of February 2017.

Why did you choose the ActiLingua Residence for your stay?
My German teacher from Japan recommended me to choose ActiLingua. She also studied here once. 

What kind of apartment are you staying in?
I stay in a superior apartment.

What do you enjoy most about your apartment at the ActiLingua Residence?
Everything. I don’t have any problems here.

What do you like to do with other students at the ActiLingua Residence?
We cook together and we study German in groups.

What do you like most about the staff at the ActiLingua Residence?
The employees are very very polite. 

What are your favourite things to do during your time off in Vienna?
I love to go for a walk, what I usually don’t do at home. The people here are very generous. 

What are some must-sees in Vienna? 
The ActiLingua Residence and the ActiLingua Academy. 

What are your concluding thoughts about ActiLingua?
The service is excellent and everyone is always friendly. 

Are you interested in starting a German course in Vienna? Then you should have a look at our Website. Here you can find all our courses as well as detailed information about the ActiLingua Residence. 

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