ActiLingua Residence – profile: Erika

Why did our student Erika choose the ActiLingua Residence for her stay? What does she like most about Vienna? Here are her answers!


What’s your name and where are you from?
My name is Erika. I’m from Venezuela.

How long have you been staying at the ActiLingua Residence already?
I already stayed at the ActiLingue Residence from August to November 2015. Now I’ve been here since February 21, 2016.

Why did you choose the ActiLingua Residence for your stay?
Last time, I didn’t know much about Vienna. I saw the YouTube-Video of the Residence and I liked it very much. It’s even better that the Residence belongs to the ActiLingua Academy.

What kind of apartment are you staying in?
I’m staying alone in a superior apartment.

What do you enjoy most about your apartment at the ActiLingua Residence?
It’s very comfortable. I feel at home.

What do you like to do with other students at the ActiLingua Residence?
Usually, we don’t cook together, but there are movie nights and we often go out together.

What do you like most about the staff at the ActiLingua Residence?
They are all very kind and nice. I know that I can trust them, if I need help.

What are your favourite things to do during your time off in Vienna?
I like to read. If the weather is nice, I read in a park.

What are some must-sees in Vienna? 
There are two places in Vienna which you definitely have to see: the gardens at Schönbrunn and the interior of the Vienna State Opera.

What are your concluding thoughts about ActiLingua?
I can highly recommend the ActiLingua Residence!

Erika attended the course “University Preparation & Placement” at the ActiLingua Academy. Soon, she will study Chemical Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. 
By the way, Erika can also be seen in our video!  😉  

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