ActiLingua Heute“, Part 4: Prejudices and stereotypes

Our students want to present some prejudices against their countries, using drawings and other forms of presentation. Can you guess which countries our students are from?

ActiLingua Heute

Austrians are hospitable and relaxed. Furthermore, they wear dirndls and leather trousers. They live in the mountains and like to go skiing. These are just some of the stereotypes about Austrians.

Since there are prejudices against all nationalities, our ActiLingua students decided to deal with some of them. Together, they considered ways on how to present these prejudices. The results are printed in our school magazine “ActiLingua Heute”.

So far, our students offered culinary delights from all over the world, their favourite places in Vienna and their tips to improve your German language skills. Today, you will see the last extract from “ActiLingua Heute”!
foto1 foto2

Where are our students from? Which prejudices exist against your nationality?

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