„ActiLingua Heute“, Part 1: Culinary delights from all over the world

From now on, you can read an extract from our school magazine “ActiLingua Heute” every Friday. Stay tuned for the best dishes, the most useful study tips and much more.

ActiLingua Heute

Each summer, students from all over the world learn German at ActiLingua. During the most beautiful time of the year, our students get to know the Austrian culture as well as the German language. Of course, they immediately put their language skills into practice.

This year, our students created the school magazine “ActiLingua Heute” for the very first time during a workshop. The editorial team participated in some great excursions.  The team also presents creative pieces from our students and important tips for an unforgettable stay in Vienna.

You can read clippings from our magazine over the next few weeks. Today, we start with a mouth-watering topic! Look forward to “Culinary delights from all over the world” 🙂

ActiLingua Heute       ActiLingua Heute

Do you know one of these dishes? What is your favourite dish?

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