ActiLingua Card Benefits & FAQ

You are visiting Vienna to learn German at the ActiLingua Academy. You would like to discover the city in your free time – without spending all your money? No problem – with our ActiLingua Card!


We have listed the most frequently asked questions for you:

What is the ActiLingua Card?

The ActiLingua Card is a discount card that offers you great benefits with selected partners in Vienna. Those offers are only valid if you can show your ActiLingua card. So, be sure you have it with you wherever you go!

Who can get the ActiLingua Card?

The ActiLingua Card, and therefore all benefits, is included with the booking of an ActiLingua German course. All students at ActiLingua Academy can get a card. There are no restrictions (e.g. regarding age).

How do I get the ActiLingua Card?

Once you start studying at ActiLingua Academy, you can pick up your card at the school office.

How long is the ActiLingua Card valid?

All benefits are available for your entire stay at ActiLingua Academy. The card is valid until the day your ActiLingua course ends. This date is specified on your card.

May I pass my ActiLingua Card on to someone else?

No. The ActiLingua Card is valid for you only, that’s why your name is noted on the card.

What if I lose my ActiLingua Card?

No problem sometimes that can happen. You can get yourself a new card any time at the ActiLingua office!

What benefits does the ActiLingua Card offer?

We have partners all over Vienna in many different areas such as:

  • museums, theatres
  • restaurants
  • nightlife & clubs
  • sports

You can find a detailed list of all our partners and benefits on the whiteboard at the school.

Do you have any further questions? Leave a comment and we would love to answer them!

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