5 tasty facts about Austrian Pastries

1. „Mehlspeise“

The Term „Mehlspeise“ (which literally means “flour meal”) is used since the 18th century. Different from what you might think of when hearing the name, the main characteristic is not that the food contains flour, but that it doesn’t contain meat. Typical Austrian Pastries are Strudel, Schmarren, Buchteln, Palatschinken,….

2. Typical Viennese Coffee

There are about 40 different types of the „typical Viennese“ coffee. The most popular and most widely known is probably the „Wiener Melange“ (half coffee, half milk with milk froth). Some others might be rather unknown, such as the „Einspänner“ (a small mocha with heavy cream) or „Biedermeier“ (coffee with heavy cream and apricot liqueur). Many of these different types of coffees can be ordered at typical Viennese coffee houses. Find a list of the most popular coffee houses and coffees at aboutaustria.org!

5 Facts about Austrian Pastries: Coffee

3. Sachertorte

Franz Sacher, the creator of the world famous „Wiener Sachertorte“ was only 16 years old and a trainee when he created the chocolate cake. The chef was sick, so he had to master the task to serve a new and exceptional, delicious cake to Prince Metternich and his guests. And until now, the cake is a classic of the Austrian cuisine. If you want to bake Sachertorte, you can find our recipe here.

5 Facts about Austrian Pastries: Sachertorte

4. Apple Strudel

Another very popular pastry is the well-known apple strudel.  Austrians are not only good at eating apple strudel, but also at baking it: Roman Huemer holds the world record for stretching the dough. By the way, you get the best taste if you use sour apples for the filling! If you’re in Vienna, you can attend an apple strudel workshop at Schloss Schönbrunn where you get a diploma and may call yourself „Viennese apple strudel baker“. You can find our recipe for Apple Strudel here.

5 Facts about Austrian Pastries: Apple Strudel

5. Austrian’s Favourites

In general, Austrians do have a sweet tooth: each citizen uses 37.7 kg sugar per year. Pastries like Schmarrn or Palatschinken are not only served for dessert, but sometimes also as main course. Only 1% of the Austrian population hardly ever or never eats sweets. The most popular classic pastry is strudel. What’s your favourite pastry of the Austrian cuisine?

Sources: Wikipedia, meinungsraum.at Image Credit: Apple Strudel by Veganbaking.net from USA (Vegan Apple Strudel)

[CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

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