5 reasons for a German course in Vienna

Clearly, you can learn German in many cities. So why should you choose a German course in Vienna? The answer is simple.

Wiener Kultur

German is spoken in countries like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Northern Italy, Eastern France and parts of Belgium. Deciding where to learn German may not be easy at first glance, because you do not want to make a wrong decision.

It is always recommended to choose a German course in Vienna, because Austria’s capital has much to offer.

1. Live in the city with the highest quality of living worldwide

For the 7th time running, Vienna has been awarded as the city with the highest quality of living this year. It confirms the feeling of many tourists and locals that our city is simply great!

There are various educational opportunities and a well-developed public transport network which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. At any time, you can ride into the city centre or to one of the numerous parks to enjoy the nature amidst the city life.

Moreover, Vienna is a safe city, which is perfect for discovering its sights. You can enjoy various leisure activities in the evening as well.

2. Experience Austrian culture

Vienna offers a unique mix of traditional heritage and modernity. For centuries, the city has been the seat of the Habsburg family and the centre of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. A walk alongside the Vienna Ring Road with its magnificent buildings of this time takes anyone on a trip into the past. In addition, Mozart, Beethoven and other famous musicians and artists lived and worked in Vienna.

Thanks to Austria’s great train and motorway network, the Vienna is the perfect starting point for trips within the country. Therefore, the breadth of the Austrian culture is at your disposal at all times.

ActiLingua Studenten bei ihrem Deutschkurs in Wien *** German course in Vienna

3. Learn German where it is natively spoken

The mother tongue of Viennese people is German. Austrians speak a correct and pure German that sounds melodious and likeable. Furthermore, you won’t only improve your language skills in your German classes, but also outside the classroom. Regardless of whether you go to shops, restaurants or discos, German is spoken everywhere. You will be surprised at how fast you develop your German knowledge here.

4. The ActiLingua Academy is only available in Vienna 😉 

If you are looking for a German course in Vienna, then ActiLingua is THE place for you. There, native speakers teach a variety of German courses all year round. ActiLingua offers, among others, standard courses, business German and certificate preparation courses. There is something for everyone.

Regular trips, which are organized by ActiLingua, include to sights in and around Vienna. During evening events, you can cook Austrian pancakes and “Kaiserschmarrn” and learn to dance Viennese Waltz.

There is another advantage! If you need an accommodation in Vienna, you can book an apartment in the ActiLingua Residence, where you live among other German language students.

5. Find friends for life

A German course in Vienna has many advantages. Besides improving your German language skills and enlarging your knowledge of Austrian culture, you will find many new friends. Here, you meet people from all over the world who want to learn German. Some of them might even live and work in Vienna in the future. Who knows? Maybe, some day, you will be one of them, too.  😉

Where do you want to learn German? Would you like to attend a German course in Vienna?

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