4 reasons to visit Danube Island

The Danube Island was built as a highly sophisticated flood protection system stretching for 21 km. In 2002, it saved Vienna from being as drastically flooded as many other Austrian cities were. But most visitors know the Danube Island as a recreational mecca. There are countless opportunities for partying, relaxing and various sports activities. Here are some great reasons to visit the Danube Island.

Reasons to visit Danube Island | ActiLingua Academy Blog

1.The “Donauinselfest”

Once a year the Danube Island is a festival site for the largest free open-air festival in Europe, the “Donauinselfest”. Many international musicians perform on about 20 stages, each one providing a different programme. Besides the stages there are also numerous catering stands which provide the visitors with food and drinks from many different cultures.

The festival site is spread out over a 6.5 kilometre area. Each year about the three million people of all ages visit the festival, so be aware that it can get crowded. The 32nd  Donauinselfest will take place from June 26 – 28, 2015. If you want some more information about the festival, check out the official Website.

2. Drinking cocktails & eating out

In addition to the Donauinselfest, there are many more opportunities to go out on the Danube Island. There are countless bars, restaurants and nightclubs on the island and even a beach that looks and feels so Caribbean that it’s been nicknamed the “Copa Cagrana”. Another very popular hotspot is the “Sunken City“, which is known for its lighthouse that can be seen from afar.

Reasons to visit Danube Island - Cocktails| ActiLingua Academy Blog

3. Sports

The Danube Island is great for sports activities: cycling and inline skating is especially popular with its visitors. If you wish to rent a bike, you’ll find some bike rentals marked on the map at the end of the article. If you are an ActiLingua student you get a 10% discount with your ActiLingua Card at Bike & Skate Rental Copa Cagrana.

If you are into sports, you should definitely check out the Water sports Arena and the climbing park, too.

4. Relaxing & having fun

Maybe you just want to relax with your family or meet some friends? There are some nice spots for that, too:

  • Strandbad Alte Donau:
    The “Strandbad Alte Donau” is a public swimming bath located directly at the waterfront. It’s open from May to September but you have to pay for admission.
  • Family Beach:
    Another popular swimming area, especially for families, is the “Familienbadestrand”. The water is not deeper than 1 meter and there are restaurants, playgrounds and toilets located near the bathing area.
  • Water playground:
    The water playground is accessible from May until September, admission free. It is about 5000 square meter big and is made for children of all ages who love to play with water.
  • Boating:
    There are various boat rentals near the Danube Island like Kukis Kombüse, boat rental Eppel and Booteria. You can rent pedal boats or electric boats and cruise around the old and new Danube.
  • Barbecue:
    There are two barbecue areas and 16 grill spots. The barbecue areas can be used without application and fees but you have to bring your own grill/BBQ. If you’d like to use one of the grill spots, you have to register beforehand.

Reasons to visit Danube Island - Barbecu | ActiLingua Academy Blog

We made a map for you, which contains all addresses mentioned in the article above:


  • Donauinselfest … marked red
  • Cocktails & Eating out … marked green
  • Bike and Boat rentals … marked purple
  • Sports facilities… marked blue
  • Swimming & Relaxing … marked yellow
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