4 Austrian cookbooks for your shelf

Vienna boasts one of the world’s most famous culinary traditions. It inspires visitors and chefs from all over the globe. Below you will find 4 Austrian cookbooks you should add to your bookshelf!

4 Austrian cookbooks for your shelf | ActiLingua Academy Blog

You don’t necessarily have to come to Austria to enjoy Austrian cuisine. But we recommend visiting one of the famous restaurants or paying a visit to an Austrian “Heurigen”. 😉 Here are 4 Austrian cookbooks that will let you enjoy traditional Austrian dishes and desserts at home.

  • Figlmüller – Wiener Küche: Kochen nach Bildern Although this book is available in English and German we’re sure you can follow along the German version: it shows how to cook traditional Viennese recipes using pictures only! The only parts you might need your dictionary for is looking up the ingredients.
  • Ewald Plachutta: Plachutta – Best of Viennese Cuisine If you’re a fan of Austrian cuisine the chances are high that you have heard of the traditional Plachutta restaurant. The most popular dish is Plachutta’s Tafelspitz. In his cookbook Ewald Plachutta (owner of a Michelin Star) lets you in on his cooking secrets.
  • The New Sacher Cookbook Sachertorte is probably one of the most popular cakes around the world. The Sacher Cookbook presents modern Austrian cuisine from today and tomorrow and is full of culinary delights. It combines proven cooking traditions with a modern twist and presents dishes that are served in the Sacher restaurants in Vienna and Salzburg every day.
  • Andrea Karrer: Süße Klassiker (Sweet Classics) If you love Sachertorte, Appel Strudel and Kaiserschmarrn, you should definitely have this book! The Austrian cuisine offers so much more delicious desserts! A whole lot of them are covered in this book.

Did we promise too much? And that’s only a small range of Austrian cookbooks from famous Austrian chefs. There are many more like Wolfgang Puck (who’s cooking at the Oscars), Johann Lafer, Johanna Maier… Now it’s your turn: try a few famous recipes yourself. And, maybe you will soon be eating the originals at a traditional inn or cosy coffee house in Vienna!

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